Electrical Wire Striper

Our Wire Stripers are a durable striping tool and will cleanly strip wire.

Wire Crimping Tool

We carry a large selection of Crimping Tools to correctly install crimp connectors and crimp terminals.

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M22520/1-01 Style Hand Crimp Tool
Item Number: AF8-PT

TH1A Turret
Item Number: TH1A-PT

DMC Turret Head TH1A
Item Number: M22520/1-02

Deutsch Terminal Release Tool Size 16
Item Number: 18552

Deutsch Terminal Release Tool Size 20
Item Number: 18553

Deutsch Terminal Release Tool Size 4
Item Number: 18560

Daniels DMC M22752/1-01 Crimp Tool
Item Number: M22520/1-01

Deutsch Terminal Release Tool Size 8
Item Number: 18570

Weather Pack Release Tool
Item Number: 18580

Terminal Crimper Metri Pack Weather Pack
Item Number: 18910

Solid Contact Hand Crimp Tool
Item Number: PT-48-00

DT DTM DTP Wedgelock Removal Tool
Item Number: DT-RT1

Steinel Heat Gun Kit With Case
Item Number: HL2010EKIT

HDT-48-00 Hand Crimp Tool
Item Number: HDT-48-00

Deutsch HDT Crimper Size 8,6 Crimp Tool
Item Number: 18870

Deutsch DTP/Mil Size 12 Crimp Tool
Item Number: 18860

Deutsch DT/Mil Size 16 Crimp Tool
Item Number: 18880

Deutsch DTM/Mil Size 20 Crimp Tool
Item Number: 18890

Deutsch Terminals Service Kit
Item Number: 18650

Deutsch Terminal Release Tool Size 12
Item Number: 18551