Deutsch ASL Autosport Series

Deutsch Autosport ASL series is a compact 5 way size 6 shell connector for use in sensor applications. Prowireusa stocks all common configurations and keyway options.


  • No. Of Postions: 5
  • Shell Size: 6
  • Contact Size: 23
  • Wire Range: 22-28 Ga.
  • Built In Shrink Boot Lip
  • Conductive Black Finish

Shrink Boot Options:

  • Straight: Raychem 204W221-25-0
  • 90º: Raychem 224W221-25-0

Keyway Colors:

  • Red: N

  • Yellow: A
  • Blue: B
  • Orange: C
  • Green: D
  • Gray: E
  • Violet: U( Unviversal for test harness only available on plug side only)

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Deutsch ASL606-05SD-HE GREEN
Item Number: ASL606-05SD-HE

Deutsch ASL606-05PN-HE RED
Item Number: ASL606-05PN-HE

Deutsch ASL606-05SN-HE RED
Item Number: ASL606-05SN-HE

Deutsch ASL606-05PA-HE YELLOW
Item Number: ASL606-05PA-HE

Deutsch ASL606-05PB-HE BLUE
Item Number: ASL606-05PB-HE

Deutsch ASL606-05PC-HE ORANGE
Item Number: ASL606-05PC-HE

Deutsch ASL606-05PD-HE GREEN
Item Number: ASL606-05PD-HE

Deutsch ASL606-05SA-HE YELLOW
Item Number: ASL606-05SA-HE

Deutsch ASL606-05SB-HE BLUE
Item Number: ASL606-05SB-HE

Deutsch ASL606-05SC-HE ORANGE
Item Number: ASL606-05SC-HE