MS3476 Plug

Features and Application
MIL-DTL-26482 Series 2,bayonet coupling,rear-removable crimp contact connectors were designed as an upgrade to MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1.Series 2 connectors are inter- mountable and interchangeable with both solder and front-release crimp Series 1.They are also identical to the inactivated MIL-DTL- 83723 Series I connectors.
Series 2 connectors are widely used on commercial,military and aerospace systems requiring general-purpose,miniature cylindrical bayonet coupling connectors.
This family ofconnectors is offered in 4 receptacle-mounting styles.They include narrow ?ange wall mounting receptacles, wide ?ange wall mounting receptacles,cable connecting receptacles and jam nut mounting receptacles which incorpo- rate “O”ring seals,designed for rear panel “D”hole mounting.
Plugs are available in two designs,with and without RFI grounding.
Thirty-three insert arrangements per MIL-STD-1669 are tooled and quali?ed to MIL-DTL-26482 Series 2,utilizing 3 to 61 M39029 contacts.Contacts come in sizes 20,16 and 12,terminating wire sizes from 24 to 12 gauge.
These connectors are available in wide range ofshell materials and ?nishes.Aluminum shells are offered in electroless nickel,olive drab cadmium and black anodic. Other ?nishes such as zinc cobalt are available upon request to commercial callouts only.In addition,we offer passivated stainless steel shells with standard environment-resisting inserts (commercial callouts only),and for highly corrosive environments,nickel-aluminum-bronze shells with standard environment-resisting inserts (commercial callouts only).
Universal I/R Tool – A single,expendable plastic tool is used for both insertion and removal ofcontacts.
Insert Polarization – Alternate insert clocking positions aid in mating ofadjacent connectors having identical insert arrangement.

Closed-Entry Socket Insert – Hard dielectric socket face has lead-in chamfers for positive alignment ofpins (even partially bent within pre-established limits) with sockets.
Interfacial Pin Insert Seal – Raised moisture barriers around each pin,which mate into lead-in chamfers ofhard face socket insert,provide individual contact sealing. Interfacial seal is never touched by service tools.
Elastomer Wire Sealing Grommet – Sealing over a wide range ofwire diameters is assured by a triple wire seal in each cavity at the rear ofthe connector.
Superior Contact Stability – Rear release crimp contact system features a stamped beryllium-copper retaining clip captivated by molded-in shoulders ofeach contact cavity in the insulator.A rear-inserted M81969 plastic tool expands the tines beyond the shoulder,releasing the contact.
Performance Specifications
Operating Temperature Range
Classes A,L and S*:-55°C to +200°C (-67°F to +392°F)
Classes W and ZC*:-55°C to +175°C (-67°F to +347°F)
Material and Finish Data (Class)
A–aluminum shell,black anodized ?nish
L–aluminum shell,electroless nickel ?nish
W–aluminum shell,olive drab cadmium over nickel base
S* –stainless steel shell,passivated
ZC*–aluminum shell,zinc cobalt ?nish
Corrosion Resistance
Classes A,S*,W and ZC* withstand 500-hour salt spray.
Class L withstands 48-hour salt spray.
Environmental Seal
Wired, mated connectors with speci?ed accessories attached,shall meet the altitude-immersion test speci?ed in MIL-DTL-26482 Series 2.
Fluid Resistance
Connectors resist speci?ed immersions in MIL-PRF-7808 (lubricating oil),MIL-PRF-23699 (lubricating oil), MIL-PRF-5606 (hydraulic ?uid),M2-V Chevron oil, Coolanol 25,ASTMD4814 (gasoline),SAE-AMS1424 Type I (defrosting ?uid),MIL-DTL-5624 (JP-5),and solvents speci?ed in Method 215 ofMIL-STD-202.
* Not on QPL,can be supplied to Aero-Electric P/N only.
Mated connectors withstand a minimum of250 mating cycles for RFI plug (MS3475) and 500 cycles for standard plug (MS3476).
Shock and Vibration Requirements
Wired,mated connectors shall not be damaged,coupling ring shall not loosen,and there shall be no interruption of electrical continuity longer than one microsecond when subjected to the following:
Wired,mated connectors shall not be damaged,coupling ring shall not loosen,and there shall be no interruption of electrical continuity longer than one microsecond when subjected to the following:
Mated connectors withstand the following vibration levels:
Random vibration per MIL-STD-202,method 214,test condition II, letter J.
Shielding Effectiveness
RFI attenuation at the speci?ed frequency meets the requirements ofMIL-DTL-26482 Series 2.
RFI shielding effectiveness ofmated connectors with RFI backshells is measured in a triaxial radio frequency leakage fixture.
Shielding Effectiveness
With RFI spring ?ngers,the maximum potential drop shall not exceed 5 millivolts.
Without spring ?ngers,the maximum potential drop shall not exceed 200 millivolts.
Voltage Rating
ServiceRatingSuggested Operating Voltage**Test VoltageTest VoltageTest VoltageTest Voltage
(Sea Level)(Sea Level)50,000 Ft.70,000 Ft.110,000 Ft.
** To be used by designer only as a guide.
Bayonet Coupling,Crimp Removable,Rear Release
Page 71     Completed Part Number
Page 80-     Contacts, Sealing Plugs and Tools
Page 84, 85-    Insert Arrangements
Page 80-     Performance Speci?cations
Page 82,83-    Insert Availability and Contact Information
Page 80-     Polarization
ShellSize AB CDE
Maximum±.003±.08 MaximumAccessory ThreadClass 2AMaximum
8 .2857.24.3559.02.78219.861/2-20UNF.3057.75
10 .40210.21.48312.27.92623.525/8-24UNEF.40510.29
12 .51613.11.59515.111.04326.493/4-20UNEF.53113.49
14 .64116.28.72018.291.18330.057/8-20UNEF.66516.89
16 .76619.46.84521.461.30533.151-20UNEF.79020.07
18 .85521.72.94524.001.39135.331-1/16-18UNEF.86922.07
20 .98024.891.07027.181.53138.891-3/16-18UNEF.99425.25
22 1.10528.071.19530.351.65642.061-5/16-18UNEF1.11928.42
24 1.22931.221.32033.531.77745.141-7/16-18UNEF1.24431.60
Contacts,Plastic Insertion/Removal Tools and Seal Plugs
Contact SizeApplicationPin ContactsSocket ContactsSeal PlugsInsertion/Removal Tools
TypeMilitary No.Military No.Military No.Military No.
20 Power/SignalM39029/4-110M39029/5-115MS27488-20-1M81969/14-11
16 Power/SignalM39029/4-111M39029/5-116MS27488-16-1M81969/14-03
12 Power/SignalM39029/4-113M39029/5-118MS27488-12-1M81969/14-04
20* Power/Signal5291-022-204H5091-022-204HMS27488-20-1M81969/39-01
*Size 20 contacts for 8–2,8–3 and 8–4 layouts are only available to Aero-Electric part numbers.Connectors incorporating these three layouts are only sold to Aero-Electric callouts (AE770,AE771,AE772, AE774,AE775,AE776,AC3470,AC3471,AC3472,AC3474 and AC3475). Standard size 20 contacts M39029/4-110 and M39029/5-115 will not work in these 3 layouts.
Crimping and Metal Insertion/Extraction Tools
ContactSizeCrimp ToolPositionerPositionerInsertion ToolExtraction Tool
For Pin ContactsFor Socket ContactsMetalMetal
Military No.Military No.Military No.Military No.Military No.
Contact and Wire Data
Contact SizeTest Current VoltageCrimp Well DataWire RangeFinished Wire Range
DC TestMax.Drop Well Dia.Minimum Well DeptMinimum Maximum
207.555.049 ±.001.1553.9424-20.20-.52.0401.02.0832.11
1613.049.067 ±.001.2506.3520-16.52-1.31.0531.35.1032.62
1223.042.100 ±.002.2506.3514-122.08-3.31.0972.46.1584.01
Note: Test Current and Maximum Voltage Drop when tested with silver-plated wire at 25°C.

Military and Aero-Electric Part Number Development

* Not on QPL, can be supplied to Aero part number only. Consult factory for availability.

Note 1:Each connector is furnished with contacts unless ordered less contacts (L/C) as follows: One spare contact for inserts requiring 2 to 26 of each contact and two spares for inserts with 27 or more of each size, and a minimum of one sealing plug up to 15% of the number of contacts. In addition, one plastic insetion/removal tool of each size is included.
Note 2:Proper part number marking has no “0” in front of single digit shell size ( 8) and no “0” after the dash between shell size and single digit layout. Example of each: MS3470W8-33P and MS3470W10-6P. In both “N” for normal was omitted.

Note 3:Insert layouts 8-2, 8-3 and 8-4 can only be ordered to Aero-Electric part number. Non standard contacts are required and to avoid confusion are sold “with contacts” only. See page 80 for the correct contact part numbers.

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MS3476L24-31P Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L24-31P

MS3476A24-31S Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476A24-31S

MS3476A24-31P Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476A24-31P

MS3476L24-61S Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L24-61S

MS3476L22-41S Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L22-41S

MS3476L24-61P Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L24-61P

MS3476L24-31S Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L24-31S

MS3476L14-4S Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L14-4S

MS3476L22-41P Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L22-41P

MS3476L10-6S Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L10-6S

MS3476L18-32P Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L18-32P

MS3476L14-12P Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L14-12P

MS3476A14-12P Plug Connector-Black
Item Number: MS3476A14-12P

MS3476L22-21P Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L22-21P

MS3476L22-21S Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L22-21S

MS3476L20-16P Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L20-16P

MS3476L14-19P Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L14-19P

MS3476A14-19P Plug Connector Black
Item Number: MS3476A14-19P

MS3476L16-26S Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L16-26S

MS3476L18-8P Plug Connector
Item Number: MS3476L18-8P