On The Shelf Striped Wire

M22759/16 PRE-STRIPED Tefzel Wire

Pre-striped M22759/16 wire is available in small put-ups (by the foot) with no minimum length requirements, perfect for those smaller projects requiring less than 100 feet.

STRIPED WIRE CONFIGURATOR is a cost effective option when lengths of 100 feet or more are required.

Note: All of the wire in this section is striped and ready to ship.

M22759/16/32 Amperage Chart Motorsport Applications**


Amperage at

Amps Resistance
22 .32 5 16.2 53.1
20 .51 6 9.9 32.4
18 1.02 9 6.2 20.4
16 1.2 12 4.8 15.8
14 2.08 18 3.1 3.06
12 3.30 24 2.0 6.63

**The above chart gives a general amperage rating for the mil-spec 22759/16 and 22759/32 wires. In reality, it gets a little more complicated than this as wires have resistance and the longer they are the less capacity they have, and the greater the voltage drop. In a motorsports wiring harness the wires will be enclosed in DR25, twisted together, and not in free air, so there will be more heat, which further degrades their capacity. For a deeper dive into amperage ratings of Tefzel wire please refer to the ampacity chart link listed above.