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Series No. Of Postions Wire Range Awg Max Amps Per Contact Contact Size
DT 2,3,4,6,8,12 20-14 13 16
DTM 2,3,4,6,8,12 22-16 7.5 20
DTP 2,4 14-10 25 12
DTHD 1 14-6 25-100 12-4
Kit Type Description
Full Plug and receptacle with contacts and wedgelocks
Plug Plug connector only with contacts and wedgelocks
Receptacle Receptacle connector only with contacts and wedgelocks
Flanged* Plug and flanged receptacle with contacts and wedgleocks
Flanged Receptacle* Flanged receptacle only with contacts and wedglocks
* Flanged receptacles only available in select series and positions
Terminal Type Description
Solid Solid contacts that use an 8 way indent crimp tool, also know as machined contacts
Stamped Fold over type contacts that be crimped with generic crimp tools in addition to OEM tooling
Terminal Plating Description
Gold Gold plated steel contact offer improved performance over nickle in extreme conditons.
Nickle Nickle plated steel
Housing Color Description
Gray Gray is the standard keyway orientaion for DT,DTM,DTP
Black Black is typically an alternate keyway and usally wont mate with gray connectors